Eating with mindfulness involves focusing your attention fully on what you are doing and nothing else, without judging. For this reason, it is preferable to turn off the TV and other distractions and focus solely on food. mindful-eating

Thoughts and emotions
While you are eating, notice any emotion or thought that may arise in your mind and then let it go and re-focus your attention on the food. If it arises again, for example, any thoughts of guilt for having fattened, know it is there and then let it go. By observing this way, your emotional state can realize many things like the effect food produces on emotions that are associated with it, etc. However, when you practice mindfulness, your goal is not to judge, but just be aware of what is happening. Therefore, if thoughts, emotions or painful memories arise, do not try to suppress them, accept that they are there but do not get caught by them, just focus your attention on them without making any value judgments such as the impartial investigator notes of an event and then focus your attention on the next bite.

Taste food
Go quietly, without haste, savoring every bite, being aware of its texture, temperature, taste, chewing slowly, as if every bite gave you an unknown, exotic and strange food that totally called your attention.

Take your time
Try to take at least 20 minutes to eat because that will give time for satiety signals from reaching your brain. If you eat too fast, satiety signals can reach your brain when you have already eaten more than necessary.

Between meals
You also use mindfulness whenever you feel the desire to eat. Are you really hungry or perhaps it is anxiety, boredom, sadness or other negative emotion you are trying to do away with eating? Imagine, for example, that you realize you are not hungry, but you are feeling anxiety due to a problem that worries you. In that case, you can use mindfulness and also interact differently with your anxiety or use other techniques and strategies to cope with anxiety rather than running to the fridge.

Eating at Social Gatherings

When you eat at a social gathering, do it with mindfulness too and be aware of what is happening within you, what your body really needs and taste what you eat rather than swallowing.

When you have practiced for a while this new way of eating, it will end up becoming a habit and help you maintain desired weight over time much more easily and more naturally without having to continually weighing yourself or controlling everything you eat. I have found another product for quick weight loss by John Barban Does Venus Factor Scam or Not?

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